Salesloft Integration

In this article, we discuss about SalesLoft integration. Learn how to easily add Salesforce records to SalesLoft sequences in just a few simple steps.

This integration allows PowerRouter to seamlessly add leads to a specific cadence within Salesloft when certain conditions are met, particularly when "People" entries are created for those leads within Salesloft.

We have introduced the "Add to Salesloft Cadence" component for adding leads to Salesloft cadences.

Here are the steps to set up the connection between Salesloft and PowerRouter:

  1. Sign in to Salesloft, then access settings by clicking on your username at the top right corner.

  2. Within Personal Settings, navigate to CRM and establish the connection with the Salesforce organization.

  3. In Data settings, generate a new automation aimed at generating people in Salesloft immediately upon the creation of a lead in Salesforce.

  4. Name the automation rule and configure the trigger as "CRM data sync," triggering it when a lead is absent in Salesloft.

  5. Append an action to this automation, specifying "Create People" as the designated action.

  6. Access your Salesforce organization and launch PowerRouter.

  7. Navigate to Settings and select the Integrations tab.

  8. Within the Salesloft Intergation, locate and click on the "Get the API key" link to obtain the token required for connecting PowerRouter with Salesloft.

  9. Provide a name for the token and proceed by clicking on the submit button.

  10. Copy the acquired token and paste it into the designated field on the Salesloft Integration page in PowerRouter, then click on "Authorize."

  11. Your PowerRouter is now successfully connected and ready to utilize the Salesloft Integration.

Steps to add leads to Salesloft Cadence:

  1. Open PowerRouter and proceed to the Router section.

  2. Initiate the creation of a lead workflow by selecting the "+" button.

  3. Utilize the drag-and-drop function to place the New Lead trigger component.

  4. Similarly, drag and drop the "Add to Salesloft Cadence" component.

  5. Choose the specific cadence to which you wish to add all the leads.

  6. Save and publish the workflow by clicking the respective options.

  7. As a result, all newly created leads will be included in the designated Salesloft Cadence.

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