Routing records to different paths based on certain criteria

This article will help you understand how to route records to different paths based on certain criteria.

In Powerrouter, Decision Components are used to partition data into several paths in accordance with certain requirements. The records' data field may serve as the basis for the conditions.

The decision components available in PowerRouter are:

  1. True/False - Only two paths are established in the True/False component; if the records meet the match criteria, they enter the True path; otherwise, they enter the False path. One or more matching criteria may be present. 

  2. Segment - The segment component allows for the construction of several pathways depending on matching criteria. The needed path will be filled with records that fulfill the segment's match criteria. There could be more than one criterion for one path. When a record is entered, the system first checks the path-01 condition. If the condition is met, the lead enters path-01; if not, it checks the path-02 condition, and so on.

Steps to use Segment Component:

  • Open workflow named PR Lead Workflow.

  • Add the Segment component below to the trigger component. Connect the trigger component and segment component by clicking on the circle and dragging the arrow to the top circle of segment. 
  • Add the criteria for segmenting the lead based on two paths.
    For instance,
    Path-01 criteria: Website = ‘’ AND Annual Revenue is less than 1000.
    Path-02 criteria: Website = ‘’ OR Annual Revenue is more than 1000. 
  • For diverting all other records which do not match the above criteria to a path, enable Add default edge. 
  • Click on Save.

The next article will help you understand how to match one record with another record.

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