Golden Release (1.436)

What’s New?

1. Capacity Dashboard Enhancements:

a) Detailed Metrics: The dashboard now offers comprehensive metrics on team and individual capacity utilization, providing insights into teams and users at or under capacity, along with queued records for assignment. This enhancement offers a clearer picture of pipeline flow and assignment distribution.

b) Integration with PowerRouter Model: The dashboard summarizes assignments and capacity models as set by PowerRouter admins, offering an insightful overview of workload management.

c) Customizable Views: Users can now filter dashboard views by specific teams or users, allowing tailored analysis of capacity utilization.

d) User Benefits: This feature aids in identifying teams or individuals at capacity, facilitating workload redistribution or informed decision-making for increasing capacity where needed.

2. CSV Export for Pending Assignments:

a) Detailed Record Export: Users can export details of queued records due to capacity capping in a CSV format. This feature is crucial for managing assignments on hold until a team’s capacity is freed up.

3. Capacity Profile Improvements:

a) Active Load Criteria: This new feature allows admins to define what constitutes an 'active' record, providing more control over which assignments are counted towards a user’s capacity. Not all assigned records are automatically considered active; they must meet the set criteria.

b) All Time Duration: Introduced All Time Duration, assigning leads based on the number of records owned by a user over a year.

c) Optional Tag Creation: Tag creation is no longer mandatory. Skip tag creation for every profile in every route to the team.

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