Matching a record with another record

This article will help you understand how to match one records with another record.

Match Components are used to match records with other records to perform certain functions on the records based on matching them. 

Matching happens based on certain predefined rules in match settings. You can also add certain conditions in the match component based on which matching will happen. 

In PowerRouter, for matching lead with other following match components:

  1. Matches Lead - This component matches the newly inserted lead records with the already existing lead records. 

  2. Matches Account - This component matches the lead records with the account records already present. 

  3. Matches Contact - This component matches the lead records with the contact records already present. 

  4. Matches Opportunity - This component is used to match the lead records with the opportunity records.

You can add criteria based on object field’s with which matching will be performed. You can set up match settings in settings page.

Steps to match Lead to Account:

  • Create a new workflow named PR MatchAccount.

  • Drag a trigger component New Lead in workflow canvas.

  • Drag Matches Account component in the workflow canvas and click on edit. 
  • Add Match Criteria based on which account will be matched with the inserted lead.
    For instance, add Account condition, Account Rating = Cold. 
  • Click on Save. It provides two path, match and nomatch path.

If Lead record matches with Account record, it will move to Match path otherwise it will move to Nomatch path.

The next article will help you understand how to route records to teams, users or queue.

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