Release 1.432

What’s New?

1. PowerRouter Console Dashboard

We are excited to introduce the latest dashboard in PowerRouter: the Pro Console Dashboard. This powerful new addition provides enhanced insights into all activities performed by PowerRouter, giving you a comprehensive overview of your workflow processes.

Key Components of the Pro Console Dashboard:

a) Metric Section: It offers a concise summary of all the activities performed through PowerRouter, allowing you to get a quick grasp of your workflow statistics.

b) Users Chart: Provides a visual representation of user availability, leave status, activity status, licensing status, and capping. 

c) Assignment Distribution: Visualize the distribution of assignments across various workflow paths within a specified timeframe, offering valuable insights into workload allocation.

d) Live Workflows: Access a list of all published PowerRouter workflows, categorized under respective object types, and monitor their progress.

e) Assignment User: This section includes a detailed table that provides information on assignment specifics for all licensed users.

  • Users: Lists all licensed users.
  • Leads Assigned: Displays the number of leads allocated to each user.
  • Leads Reassigned: Shows the number of leads that have been reassigned for each user.
  • SLA Breached %: Demonstrates the percentage of Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches for each user, using a progress bar.
  • Status: Indicates the live status of assigned users, including Active, On Holiday, or Salesforce Inactive User.

f) Reassignment Assignments: This section displays the top 200 assignments to users in the selected workflow and time duration. Users can utilize the following actions:

  • View All: Clicking on this action takes the user to a detailed activity page, with pagination for comprehensive viewing of assignments and filters.
  • Reassign: Opens a modal that allows users to search for a recipient user and reassign the record to that user.

2. Wrong Association Corrector:

This feature helps identify duplicates based on various matching rules, including:

a) Matching contacts to accounts and associating contact domains with the appropriate accounts.

b) Associating domains with multiple accounts.

3. Salesloft Integration:

Users can now enroll individuals into a specific Salesloft Cadence for leads that have been handled by the 'Add to Salesloft Cadence' component.

Bug Fixes

1. Local Capping Functionality Enhancement: Local Capping feature now allows tags to be reused across multiple existing profiles, enhancing functionality and flexibility.

2. UUID Issue Resolution: The issue related to UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) in workflow version assignment has been resolved. This fix ensures that records in wait, reassignment, or conversion processes are correctly assigned, eliminating any discrepancies.

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