Assign to Queue

This article explains the Assign Queue component and how to use it.

The Assign to Owner/Queue component was used to assign records to PowerRouter users, queues, or reference fields. 

The component has been split into two different components Assign User and Assign Queue.

We’ll focus on the Assign Queue component below: 

Before using queues in the Assign Queue component, you have to activate Queues in Queue License. Check our article Queue License Settings for instructions.

Now, follow these steps to use Assign leads to a  Queue:

  1. Click the Router icon in the left navigation bar to access the Workflow section.

  1. Create a new Workflow by clicking the 'Plus' sign in the draft workflows section. Give it a name and choose the object type (for example 'lead').

  2. Click on your new workflow to start configuring it. 

  1. Click on the blue arrow in the top right corner to access the component list.

  1. Drag and drop a trigger component (for example 'New Lead') and the Assign Queue component from the list onto the workflow canvas. Connect them with arrows. 

  1. Click the 'Edit' icon on the Assign Queue component to configure Assignment rules for the queue. 

    You’ll find these two options in the Assign Queue window:
    • Description: Add a note if needed; it may fill automatically when you pick a queue from Select Queue.

    • Select Queue: Choose a queue (for example AE Queue) from the drop down menu of existing queues, and then click Save to confirm.

7. Save your Workflow, and hit Publish to activate routing.

8. Now the incoming lead records will automatically go to the 'AE Queue' based on your Assign Queue settings.                     


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