How to Create Capacity Profiles from Capacity Profile Page?

This article explains how to create capacity profiles from the capacity prpage in PowerRouter rather than using the Route to Team component through workflows. 

How to Access the Capacity Page?

  • Click on the People icon on the left navigation bar of PowerRouter.

  • Choose Capacity Profiles to access the Capacity Page.

  • On the Capacity page, you can see different filters to:
  • Search for capacity of particular teams
  • Search for capacity of particular users
  • Search for capacity of particular record types or
  • Search for a particular capacity profile with its name.

How to Create a New Capacity Profile?

  • Click on the New Profile button in the top right corner of the Capacity Page to create a new profile. 

  • It opens a Create New Capacity Profile dialogue box.
  • Give the new capacity profile a name. 

  • Select the record type you want to apply the cap on.
  • Choose an option from Select assignment field on which owner field assignments you want to apply the cap.
  • Pick the duration of the capacity limit i.e., leads assigned daily, weekly, monthly or All Time.
  • Select the team you want to apply the cap on.
  • If you want to set a uniform cap for every one in the team, select set capacity for all users.

  • You can turn the cap on or off for each user by clicking on the toggle button.
  • Increase or decrease the cap limit by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons.
  • Finally, hit ‘Save’ to save your newly created capacity profile.

Note: Initially, your capacity profile’s status will be automatically set to "Profile Not in use" because it's not used in any route components in any active workflow. You can refer to this doc What is Capacity Profile? to understand how to use the capacity profiles in the workflows.

How to Edit a Capacity Profile?

  • Click on the capacity profile you want to edit.

  • Click on edit.

  • Increase or decrease the cap limit by clicking on the + or - buttons. 
  • Click the Tick icon to save the edited cap limits. 

  • You can clone the profile by clicking on the Clone button at the top right corner to easily create similar profiles within seconds.

    Profile Status: Initially, your Capacity Profile's status will be 'Profile Not in Use' as it hasn't been associated with any active workflows yet. Check out our 'What is Capacity Profile?' guide for details on using these profiles in your workflows.

    Adding Active Criteria to Control Assignments through Capacity Profile
    • Navigate to the Capacity Profile tab from the People module.
    • Locate and open the specific Capacity Profile to which you want to add active criteria.
    • Inside the Capacity Profile details, navigate to the Active Record Criteria tab.

    • Look for the Set criteria to determine user capacity flag & enable this flag to add the required conditions.

    • Below the flag, find options to add criteria.
    • Choose the relevant field, operator, and enter the required value based on your criteria.

    • After adding the necessary criteria, click on the Save button to apply the changes.

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