Release 1.501

What’s New?

  • PowerRouter Pipeline Dashboard:

a) Statistics Section: Gain a summary of account assignments and reassignments within PowerRouter Pipeline.

b) Users Chart: Quickly visualize user availability, leave status, activity, licensing, and caps.

c) Total Account Coverage: Understand the overall account coverage based on activity within the PowerRouter Pipeline.

d) Failed Assignments: Access a list of routing failures for accounts within live territories.

e) Distribution Details: View assignment, reassignment, and open opportunity details based on account routing.

f) Recent Assignments: Monitor the top 200 assignments to users based on selected filters.

  • PowerRouter Pipeline People Section:

This new section enables seamless setup and management of teams, users, events, and capacity profiles for PowerRouter Pipeline:

a) Teams: Create and manage teams specific to PowerRouter Pipeline.

b) Users: Manage users across PowerRouter Pipeline.

c) Events: Create and manage events or holidays for teams and users.

d) Capacity Profile: Create and manage capacity profiles for accounts related to PowerRouter Pipeline.

  • PowerRouter Pipeline Territory Management:

    This section facilitates the creation and management of territories, including live and draft territories, assignments, and reassignments:

    a) Draft Territory: Create new territories and manage distribution workflows.

    b) Live Territory: Monitor assignments within live territories, including assignments and reassignments.

    c) Activities: Access advanced/detailed information on assignments routed through territory workflows.

  • PowerRouter Pipeline Settings:

    This new section empowers you to control PowerRouter Pipeline job execution and manage email or Slack notifications related to assignments, errors, and manager summaries.

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