Transfer Leads/ Contacts to Account Owner


Introducing the Transfer Leads component in PowerRouter, a new feature designed to improve the efficiency of lead management. This component allows for the automatic triggering and reassignment of associated leads when an account is assigned. By implementing this component, PowerRouter eliminates the need for manual intervention and streamlines the lead assignment process.

The Transfer Leads component addresses two key phases. In Phase I, it updates the owner of associated leads when the account owner is changed. This ensures that all associated leads are transferred to the new account owner. Phase II focuses on triggering associated leads for lead workflows when the account owner is changed, improving lead management and workflow automation.

Key Use Cases:

When the account owner is changed, all associated leads' ownership should be updated to the new account owner.

When the account owner is changed, all associated leads should be triggered for the lead workflow.

To identify associated accounts, the Transfer Leads component utilizes specific fields such as accountId or custom account associated fields on the lead object. The assignment change is applied to the ownerId field by default. It is also possible to select a specific workflow to trigger when transferring associated leads.

To ensure transparency and auditing, PowerRouter provides tracking records that indicate the source of lead updates, whether from the lead layout, manual update, or PowerRouter-triggered actions. Additionally, PowerRouter offers the option to define reasons for leads entering the workflow through the Send to PowerRouter component, allowing for better analysis and auditing.

While the Transfer Leads component simplifies lead management and improves automation, certain considerations should be noted. These include the need for robust entry criteria in workflows, the potential for delayed action or assignment, and the load on PowerRouter during the process. Auditing lost triggered leads and re-entering leads into workflows are also important aspects to address.

By leveraging the Transfer Leads component, PowerRouter enables seamless lead assignment and triggers associated leads, enhancing the overall efficiency of lead management workflows.

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