Converting Leads into Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities

In this article you will understand how to conversion leads into accounts, contacts and opportunities.

In PowerRouter, conversion of lead can be done with the help of two components:

  • Convert Lead: This converts the leads into account, contacts and opportunity.

  • Convert Lead and Merge Contact: This component is always used in the yes path of Is Duplicate Contact. This converts the leads into account, contacts and opportunity and if there is a duplicate contact present it merges the created contact with the existing contact.

Steps to use Convert Lead component:

  1. Open a Lead Workflow in the Router section.

  2. Create a simple workflow by using New Lead trigger component and add a Convert Lead component below it.

  3. Click on edit of Convert Lead component and open General Settings.

  4. If you want to convert the leads based on the accounts already created for the lead, we have two options:

    • Lookup Account field on: Enable this checkbox and select the account field of lead in which you were storing the created or matched account id. For instance, in PowerRouter the account id is stored in the PowerRouter Matched Account field after matching has been performed.

    • Specific Account: Enable this checkbox and add the account id based on which you want conversions to take place.

  5. Select the status value from Set Status Value dropdown that will get updated in the lead’s status after conversion has happened.

  6. To add any value or map the value from the lead’s fields to account and contact, click on the Account Settings section and the Contact Settings section.

  7. Click on Add Field to update values of account or contact.

  8. For mapping values of leads fields to account fields or contact fields , enable Map field from Lead Record checkbox. 
    If you want to add specific values to the field of accounts or contacts, disable this checkbox.

  9. Select the account field or contact field from the left dropdown for which you want to map lead’s field values.

  10. Select the lead’s field from which value will be copied to account’s or contact’s selected field from the right dropdown.

  11. If you want to create opportunities after conversion of lead enable the checkbox Create Opportunity on Conversion in the Opportunity Settings section.

  12. By default lead’s company will be used as the opportunity name. If you want to use any other lead’s field whose value will be used as opportunity name, then you need to add the field in the format {Lead.fieldname}.

  13. You can also select Opportunity Stage Name from the dropdown and add the number of days under Opportunity Close Date after which opportunity will be closed.

  14. Similar to updating an account's fields or contact’s field, you can also update the opportunity field by enabling the Update opportunity fields checkbox and clicking on Add fields.

  15. If you want to update any lead's field with the account id which will be created after conversion, go to the Advanced section and enable the checkbox Map new accountId to Lead field and click on Add field.

  16. Select the lead’s field from the Select lead field to map dropdown.

  17. Click on Save.

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