Tracking Records Flow in Workflow

This article will help you understand how to track records flow in a workflow.

PowerRouter lets you track records in your workflows visually. You can

  • audit the path of any lead or record

  • see why an assignments was made to a particular user

  • search record to see how it has been routed in the flow

  • provides data on how many records have been routed to a particular path.

Tracking records in PowerRouter Workflow:

  • To go to track mode, Open the Router section from the left navigation bar.

  • Click on the three dots on the right bottom of the workflow in which you want to track records. Click on Track Mode(Beta).

    Note: You cannot make the changes to the workflow in the track mode.

  • You'll see the workflow in track mode with filters to track records based on different criteria. There are three types of filters based on which you can track your records routed through this workflow:
    • Search team member:This filter can be used to look for a specific user in the workflow. It will highlight all paths where the user is a member of a team selected in the Route to Team component or is selected in the Assign Owner component. 
    • Select time period: You can select any time period and click on Go. This will highlight all the components and paths in which records got routed. 
      If there are more than one record routed in that time period the count of records routed through each component is shown on it.
      To further learn more about the records, clicking on the number will show the detailed view of all records routed through it. 
    • Enter record id or name: You can enter a record name or id to see the its routing path. All components in that path gets highlighted.

The next article will help you understand how to track all records routed by PowerRouter.

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