Power Pipeline - Creating an Event

This article provides guidance on setting up events in Power Pipeline.

Note: Please be informed that the events you create here will not be reflected in Router Pro/PowerRouter (Lightning), and vice versa.

Key Points:

  • Understanding Holiday Events: Holidays are treated as events in PowerRouter, allowing you to specify when your team or user will be unavailable.
  • Effect on Business Operations: Once an event is created, it's linked to business hours, suspending operations during the specified holiday dates and times. Records won't be routed during this period.

Creating an Event for a Team:

For Admins: Open PowerRouter from the App Launcher and navigate to Dynamic Books.

Team Events Setup:

  1. Go to the People module and access the Events tab.
  2. Open the Team Events tab to create events for the team.

  3. Click Add Event to create a new event.
  4. Select the team, enter the event name, choose the event type, and set the start and end dates.
  5. Choose whether it's an all-day event or specify start and end times.

  6. Save the event.

Creating an Event for a User:

User Events Setup:

  1. Navigate to the User Events section.
  2. Click Add Event and select the user for whom you want to create the event.

  3. This event will make the user unavailable for the specified duration across all teams.


  • You can manage and edit events from the Team Events page.
  • Editing and deleting events is straightforward using the respective buttons.

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