Nexus Release (1.435)

What’s New?

1. Active Load Capping Profile:

New Capping Duration: "All Time" is introduced alongside existing options like "Daily," "Monthly," and "Weekly." This duration allows you to track assignments over a longer period, considering only those made through the profile and qualifying the Active Load Criteria.

2. Load Balancer for Team Capping Profile:

Dynamic Weight Assignment: This approach ensures a balanced workload distribution by assigning dynamic weights based on team members' backlog and completion rates. Periodic recalculations maintain balance as team members complete assignments.

3. Route to Team Skipped Path for Inactive Leads:

Handle Inactive Records: A new feature in Route To Team's Advanced section allows for the handling of inactive records which do not satisfy the active load criteria in a particular Route To Team. This ensures a smoother workflow for managing inactive leads.

4. Email Template Enhancement:

"Add Field" Functionality: Now you can easily add fields in the email template without writing the entire formula. This improvement enhances user experience and editing capabilities.

Bug Fixes

Routing Pro Console Bug Fixes:

Various bug fixes in the Routing Pro Console to enhance overall user experience and system reliability.

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