How to add fields in the Email Template?

Upon receiving an email notification about an assigned lead, it's crucial to review various fields within the content. To streamline this process, setting up email templates tailored to specific requirements becomes essential.

Email templates serve as predefined structures containing placeholders for different fields that display the values of associated records. The incorporation of these fields within the template typically follows a format, denoted as "{Field API Name}."

However, a recent enhancement eliminates the need to memorize this formatting for including any field within the template. Instead, users now have the convenience of selecting the desired field, which will be automatically inserted into the body or subject of the template in the previously mentioned format. This advancement simplifies the task, allowing users to effortlessly populate email templates with accurate field information without the burden of remembering specific formatting details.

Steps to add fields in an email template:

  1. Launch PowerRouter and navigate to settings.

  2. Click on the "Email Templates" tab, then proceed to edit the template by clicking on the edit icon.

  3. To include any field, position the text cursor within the subject or body where you intend to place the field.

  4. Next, click on "Add Fields".

  5. Select the desired field from the dropdown menu labeled "Select Field."

  6. Additionally, reference fields are accessible from a dropdown menu that appears when clicking on the arrow icon located to the right.

  7. After selecting the necessary field, click "Save." The field will be added precisely where the text cursor was positioned.

Note: If no text cursor is present, the field format will be added at the bottom of the body of the email template.

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