Release 1.411

What’s New?

  • Workflow versions: When you alter a workflow, new versions are created in Salesforce, and you can trace records that were routed in previous versions by making selections accordingly.

  • Team Member Reordering: This feature allows you to rearrange team members from a particular team’s page so that members are routed in the required order.

  • Set StartPoint in Team for Routing: You can designate any team member as a Startpoint which will initiate leads routing from that member.

  • Persisting Routing Order after Cloning Workflow: Currently, we have two options while cloning a workflow. The first one is ‘Copy routing order’ which keeps the previous workflow’s routing order and the other is ‘reset routing order’ which initializes the cloned workflow’s routing from the first team member, independent of the previous workflow.

  • Search Team member in Workflow canvas and Team’s Page: When you type a user’s name into the search member/user field on the team’s page, it displays all the team names whom that user is a part of. Whereas in workflow canvas track mode, all Route to team or Assign owner components that contain the user you searched for are highlighted.

  • Route to Team Updates: When you choose a team and round-robin algorithm in the Route-To-Team component, members of the team will appear in the component. When you pick a team and weighted algorithm in the Route-To-Team component, it will display members along with their weight percentage.

Bug Fixes:

  • When leads have the same company name or domain, it creates a single account for converting all those leads.

  • The problem with using the Account Id and Name fields as Contact Company Fields has been resolved.

  • Routing issue where the order was incorrect when team members were inactive or deleted for various reasons has been resolved.

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