Granting access to Users

This article will help you understand how to grant access to PowerRouter based on different types of users.

After you are done installing PowerRouter, certain users would need access using Permission Sets to view PowerRouter application in Salesforce. When you first install PowerRouter for Admins, the System Administrator profile is granted access by default.

Note: Not all users need access to the PowerRouter application.

Who needs access?

Power Router has 3 different types of Users :

PowerRouter Admin User – Users who have admin access to PowerRouter and can create/delete router teams and workflows, and can also change PowerRouter Settings to start and stop the application. Admin Users need the Power Router Admin Permission Set.

PowerRouter Manager – Users who have restricted access to PowerRouter Settings but can create/delete Teams and workflows. These users would not stop and start the application. Power Router Managers need the Power Router Manager Permission set.

Power Router User – Users who are part of the router team and need access to the PowerRouter User interface to control their availability. This is only required if your users need access to the Availability Screen. If you just need the users to be part of the Router teams, you don’t need to assign this permission set.

Grant access using Permission Sets

To assign permission sets:

  1. From Setup, navigate to Users >> Permission Sets.
  2. Click on Power Router Manager.                                                                                                                                    
  3. Click Manage Assignments.                                                                                                                                     
  4. Click Add Assignments.

  5. Select Users and click on Assign.                                                                                                                                                     
  6. Click Done to Confirm.

Grant access to App Visibility

If you want to grant access to PowerRouter to profiles other than System Administrator, you need to provide visibility to the app as follows:

By default, the app is not visible to Profiles when you assign Permission Sets.

  1. From Setup, navigate to Create >> Apps.

  2. Under Apps, click Edit next to PowerRouter.

  3. In the Assign to Profiles section, select the Visible checkbox for profiles you want to give access to and select Save.

Now, PowerRouter is ready. Let us get started with PowerRouter.

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