Power Pipeline - Setting up Territories

This article provides a comprehensive guide to managing territories effectively within Power Pipeline.

Territory management involves the strategic allocation of sales responsibilities across an organization.

Advantages of Sales Territory Management:

  1. Enhanced Sales Coverage
  2. Cost Reduction
  3. Improved Customer Service
  4. Performance Measurement
  5. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Setting up Territories in Power Pipeline

  • Navigate to the Territories module and open the Draft Territory tab.
  • Click on the "Create a Territory" button to open a pop-up window and enter the Territory name (e.g., USA). Save the territory.

  • The new territory will show up under Draft Territory.
  • Under Workflow section, you will see two icons:

  • : This button indicates workflow and it will take you to the workflow canvas page where you can create or edit your workflows.

  • : This button indicates audit and will take you to the tracking page of the workflow.

  • Create a workflow using available components. Start with the "Belongs to User" trigger component, selecting a user and defining Territory Criteria.
  • In Power Pipeline, there's only one trigger component available: Belongs to User. Drag this component to the workflow plane and click on the edit node. From there, select a user from whom the accounts for this territory will be fetched and provide Territory Criteria. Once done, click "Save." This trigger condition will retrieve records from the system and route them based on the specified criteria.
  • Next, we've added a new decision component called Sub-Territory to create sub-territories under the main territory. Drag it onto the workflow plane and configure the matching criteria as required. For instance, we've set sub-territory criteria for four paths: East States, West States, North States and South States . Click "Save" to create the sub-territory.
  • Now, select Segment components to segment based on additional criteria, such as Annual Revenue.
  • Further, Assign "Route to Team" and "Assign User" route components as needed.
  • Once the workflow is set up, click on the "Publish" button to activate it.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage territories within Power Pipeline to optimize sales performance and efficiency.

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