Person Account - Duplicates & Merge Page

This article explains how to eliminate duplicates of Person Accounts in PowerRouter. 

The Duplicates section in PowerRouter helps you manage duplicate Person Accounts and Duplicate Accounts. Here's what you can do:

  • View Duplicate Groups: Quickly identify and review groups of duplicate Person Accounts on the Duplicates Page within the Duplicates and Merge section.
  • Merge Duplicate Entries: Easily search for and merge duplicate groups to clean up your Person Account records.
  • Verify Merge Details: After merging, review and confirm the account merge details on the Merge Details Page.

Here are the steps to open Duplicates Merge Details and perform these operations:

  1. Click on 'Dup' on the left side of the PowerRouter dashboard to access the desired section.

  2. In the Duplicates section, you'll see details of duplicate Person Account groups and duplicate Account groups displayed, as shown in the image below.

  3. To explore the duplicate groups:
    a) Click on a specific duplicate pair to view its details.

    b)Alternatively, select "Expand All" to see details of all duplicate groups on the page.

  4. Customize the number of records displayed per page by clicking on "View __ records per page" in the bottom-right corner (e.g., view 5 records per page).

  5. Use the "Next" and "Previous" options to navigate between pages and explore more records.

  6. To merge a duplicate group:
    - Select the desired duplicate pair by clicking on it.
    - Check the checkboxes next to the names within the group.
    - Click the "Merge" button to start the merging process.

  7. A dialog box labeled "Merge Duplicates" will appear, containing details of both records.
    - Choose which values to retain after the merge.
    - "User Record-01" has the values of the original record, while "User Record-02" has the values of the duplicate record.
    - The selected values will be shown in "Merge Details," with the original record's values added by default.
    - Select the desired values and click "Merge" to complete the merge or "Cancel" to cancel the operation.

  8. After successfully merging the records, go to the "Merge Details" section in the header to access information about the merged records.

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