Tracking all Records routed by PowerRouter

In this article , you will understand how to track all records of all objects routed in any workflow through the Activities Page in PowerRouter.

In the Activities page, you can see the detailed routing logs for each record and understand the path it has taken in the workflow.


Tracking records using Activities Page:

  • Open Activities section in the Router page.

  • Click on the Assignment Details section. Here you can find the details of the assignment done by PowerRouter. There are two views in this section:

    • Advanced view: Click on Advanced toggle switch. In this view, the path information, including the path's components and any record alterations performed while using the path, are presented.
      It shows the details of the record and how the assignment has taken place by moving through each component of the path taken by the record.


    • Detailed view: Click on Detailed toggle switch. This is a summary view of all the records routed with high level information on each record.


Filters in Advanced View:

  1. Object Filter: You can use this filter to select the object type to display all records of this type. For instance, if a lead object is selected all records of leads will be displayed.

  2. Time Period Filter: You can use this filter to see records only of specific time periods. For instance, if today is selected, records which got routed today will be displayed.

  3. Id or Name Filter: You can use this filter to search a particular record by its id or Name.

  4. Workflow Filter: You can also filter your view based on the workflow. If you select a particular workflow it will display all records routed through that workflow only.



Filters in Detailed View:

Object filter and time period filter work the same way as in the Advanced view. The other filters are described below:

  1. All Users Filter: You can filter the records view based on the records' assignment to a specific user.

  2. All Teams: You can filter the records view based on the records' assignment to a specific team.

  3. All Path: You can filter the records view based on the specific path in the workflow.

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