Setting up Team Availability

This article will help you understand how to change team availability.

Edit Availability in Team can be used to set up team business hours, which are used for routing records on particular days and at particular times.

Steps to setup Team Schedule:

  • Open the People's Section in the vertical navigation bar on the left side.       
  • Click on the team for which you want to change business hours.

  • Click on Edit Availability. Availability dialog box opens.

  • By selecting a different timezone from the dropdown menu under Select Timezone, you can adjust it to match the time zone in which the team is now located. 
  • In order to specify the same availability for all days of a week, set Apply to all days to true.

  • Click on the particular day of the week to set your availability for that day.

  • Now, select the desired checkbox in accordance with your needs to specify availability for a specific weekday or for all seven days of the week:
    • Assign Always: Gives 24 hours availability to the team. 
    • Custom Schedule: Specifies a window of time during which the team will be accessible. After checking this box, you may specify the start time and end time. 
    • No Availability: Team will be unavailable for the whole day.

  • You can check the availability for each day of week in the team view.

The above mentioned availability setting is based on Team Schedule, which simply takes into account the team's availability to distribute records to its members.


Another alternative is to set availability based on User Schedule, in which case records for each team member will be assigned based on their unique availability schedules.

Steps to setup User Schedule:

  • Click on Edit Availability, and select User Schedule from the dropdown of Availability Type. Click on Save.                     
  • You can check each day availability of all team members by clicking on the particular day. 
  • By default every member is shown as not available if there is no availability settings done for users. Click on Edit availability which appears when you hover over the not available to change availability. 

To know more about setting availability for user go to Setting Up User Availability.

The next article will help you understand how to create a holiday in team page.

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