Creating your First Workflow

This article will help you understand how to create your first workflow.

Steps to create your first workflow:

  • To create a workflow, click on the indicated Router icon.                                                           
  • Select New Workflow.                                                   
  • Give your workflow a name and select the object that you want to route. For example, let’s call the sample workflow Acme – Inbound Lead Routing and select Lead as the object type. 
  • Click on Acme – Inbound Lead Routing workflow.   
  • This opens the visual canvas where we will build our first workflow. Click onarrow from the right side to open the components panel. 

To build this workflow, we’ll use 3 main components –
  1. Trigger component – This enrolls leads into the workflow. Leads matching the trigger criteria will be picked up for routing by PowerRouter. For this workflow we want to route test leads which belong to Salesforce Queue – Unassigned Leads Queue.  

  2. Split component – This component lets you divide leads into two different segments called Web leads and Partner Referral leads.

  3. Route to team component – This component lets you select the team to distribute your leads to and the algorithm to use for distribution. 

  • Drag the Belongs to Queue trigger on the canvas and click on the edit icon which will appear while hovering over the component. Select your Unassigned leads Queue in the queue dropdown. This will select all leads in the Queue. However, if you want to select certain leads, use match criteria to filter leads from the queue. Click on Save.                                                                                                                                              
  • Further, drag the split component onto the canvas and connect the Belong to Queue component and split component.                                                                                                                             
  • Now we will divide the leads in the queue into Web and Trade show leads. The dropdown gives all standard and custom fields on the object.
    Select field LeadSource and select the operator as ‘=‘ and the value as Web. Provide the edge name as Web Leads. Click on Add Split Edge to create a new edgeRepeat this for Partner Referral leadsIt will create two edges on the canvas to select next components.

  • Click on '+' button on dummy components on both edges as shown below. The Component dialog box opens up.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Select Route to Team component from the Component dialog box.                                                                                                                                                    
  • Now, we will route the Web leads to the Web Team using Round Robin algorithm and Partner Referral leads to the Partner Referral Team. 
    Edit Route To Team of edge Web leads, and select Web Team in dropdown of Choose team to route leads toSelect Round Robin in dropdown of Choose an algorithm to route leads to this team. Repeat this for Partner Referral leads.  
  • Click on Save to save the workflow. You will see a confirmation message - Workflow Successfully Saved.


  • Click Publish, a confirmation dialog box opens up. Click Publish to activate the workflow. 

The next article will help you understand how to start PowerRouter.


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