Role of PowerRouter?

What is PowerRouter?

PowerRouter is a Salesforce-native lead routing automation tool that helps sales and marketing teams handle their lead routing operations efficiently. The no-code lead routing automation tool is designed to capture, segment, prioritize, and route inbound leads to the right salespeople with speed and accuracy. 

Why should you choose PowerRouter? 

Businesses frequently lose potential opportunities because their sales team is unable to follow up with leads quickly. Numerous factors contribute to poor lead response time, which includes manual lead routing, unavailable sales reps, and inaccurate routing.

As a result, intelligent lead routing is inevitable for rapidly growing businesses with constantly evolving sales teams and go-to-market strategies. Real-time lead routing ensures that you never leave a lead unattended in your pipeline and capitalize on every potential opportunity. PowerRouter accomplishes this for businesses in a variety of industries.

Feature Specific Articles: 

  1. Dashboard in PowerRouter interface

PowerRouter’s interactive dashboard provides you a rich insight into routing analytics like number of leads assigned, number of leads converted, number of leads reassigned etc. Data like lead path taken, conversion rate of users and teams, object engagement metrics allows you to take data-backed decisions for optimized routing strategies. 

  1. Team in PowerRouter interface

PowerRouter allows you to categorize your teams based on 3 different criteria, namely teams, users, and events. While teams are a group of salespeople in your organization, users are individual salespeople in your company. 

You can create round robin teams based on custom criteria like availability, schedule, performance, experience, industry etc. You can turn a user on/off or even remove them from the team with a single click. PowerRouter also allows you to create events for your teams, when they are not available. 

  1. Workflow

PowerRouter allows you to build lead routing workflows in the form of a flow-chart with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Hence, rejiggering your routing workflows doesn’t take days. You can configure the workflows, everytime there is a change in your GTM strategy, with just a few clicks. 

You can use multiple components like triggers, decision factors, routing, matching, and actions to decide which path your lead takes automatically without admin interference every time. 

  1. Activities 

The Activities section in PowerRouter allows you to take a look at the path that your lead has taken and other decision making factors that triggered a specific path. 

This helps you assess your lead routing strategies to further optimize them for improved lead response time and better conversions.

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